My Way of Saying "Thanks"! <3

I started working on this site as a way to engage with others and do my part in raising awareness on measures that we should use to minimize the spread of this virus. I really appreciate all the encouragement I have received and I hope this site is helpful and informational! I especially want to thank two groups for their support:

eSpatial: This is the site I have been using for the COVID-19 map, and my trial was supposed to end today, but after checking out my website and the map, they allowed me to keep using their map solution for my maps and extended my trial for a few more months. This is super helpful for me because eSpatial is very powerful and has a lot of options to customize and is very easy to use.

FOMAA: FOMAA (Federation of Malayalee Association of Americas) has the mission to enrich and protect the traditional cultural values of the people of Kerala, India, enable them to integrate with cross-cultural norms and to encourage them to contribute to the well-being of our modern society. I'm from Kerala and its great to see that FOMAA is coordinating with all regional associations to bring help where needed. They have created a task force and you can learn more following this link.

I am so grateful to the team for appreciating my work, and giving me a shout out during their Western Conference. Thank you and means a lot to me, plus a special thanks to Jiby Thomas and Paul (Roshan) John!

You can see what FOMAA is doing for the COVID crisis below:


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